Gambella, June 09, 2016 (GMN) - Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day (ENNPD), commonly known as Hidar 29, is now becoming remarkable Day every year because this Day primarily belongs to the Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and Peoples; therefore, it is their day.

It is also a Day when the Constitution of the land was adopted and, the Constitution too belongs to the Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and Peoples; therefore, it is their Constitution. Further, Hidar 29 is becoming a symbol of peace, democracy, justice, tolerance, love and affection between and among Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia.

It is also a demonstration of unity that embraces diversity, an expression of cultural religious, linguistic and ethnic multiplicity and where all Nations, Nationalities and Peoples bring the assets of their culture to one place; thus, on Hidar 29, multi ethnic multi cultural and multi linguistic people gather in the different cities of our nation every year in order to celebrate this truly peoples' holiday.

This Day is also an expression of the Democratic Federalism that accommodates the above diversities between and among our people to further strengthen unity in diversity, enhance national consensus, empower them and enlarge the awareness of our people towards our constitutional system.

From the very outset, the State and the city that is given the responsibility to host Hidar 29 starts to be ready way before the due and is willing to host this Remarkable Day. As a result, the host city becomes anxious waiting for the people who would arrive at the host city from every corner of our nation in an extra ordinary, unprecedented and unparalleled manner. To date, ten cities did host this remarkable people's holiday and what a grand and unforgettable reception it was! It was simply spectacular.

Usually, the preparation for the grand celebration takes almost a year. The preparation is composed of and accompanied with among others huge developmental works. Amongst those magnificent development works undertaken within a very short period of time for this day are: building impressive stadium of intentional standard that can accommodate over 35,000 spectators, building modern Guest Houses including VIP guest houses that will have a long -lasting service provision to the State, building over modern houses mainly built by METEK that also helps to accommodate guests who come to the State on different occasions for different developmental activities, building traditional and cultural houses that will provide services to tourists and serve as tourist attraction sites, improving and installing modern infrastructure facilities such as airport modernization, installing new and modern electric lights, pedestrian roads, decorating and cleaning sites and streets, installing and beatifying parks etc.

Other activities such as workshops, conference, seminars, exhibitions, trade fairs, university conferences that address important National and State issues are part of the activities programmed and performed because of this important Day. Source : APA



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