Gambella President Omod Ojulu Obub arrived in Twin Cities for medical treatment

February 11, 2020 (GMN) - Gambella regional president Ato Omod Obub touch down in Minneapolis, Minnesota Monday night seeking further treatment in the USA. We wish him a speedy recovery.

He has been in power for more than a year, a successor of former President Gatluak Tut Khot and 7th president of the Gambella region. He became a chairperson of his party Gambella Peoples’ Unity Democratic Movement, (GPUDM) and presidency due to the intense uprising of Gambella’s youth “Dhaldïïm” for political reform, social justice and economic development the region.

Here are the quick facts:

The formation of Gambella Peoples’ Unity Democratic Movement, (GPUDM) in 2003 a coalition of three newly founded ethnic-based parties. The three constituent parties were the Nuer People’s Democratic Organization for the Nuer and Opo, the Anywaa People’s Democratic Organization for the Anywaa and Komo, and the Majang People’s Democratic Organization for the Majang.

Gambella is one of the nine ethnic divisions (kililoch) of Ethiopia situated in the western tip of Ethiopia bordering with South Sudan in the West, South, and North.  The region is subdivided into three zones,13 woredas, and 1 special woreda.

It Size is 25,802.01 square kilometers with an estimated population of over 450,000 inhabitants. The main nationalities of the region are Anywaa, Nuer, Majang, Komo, and Opo. Moreover, the other ethnic groups predominantly from the high land of Ethiopia live in the region.

Lying between the Baro (Openo), Alwero, Gilo and Akobo Rivers, the western part of Gambella includes the Baro salient. Located in Gambella is Gambella National Park, which covers approximately 5061 square kilometers or 19.6% of the Region's territory.

Election of 2020

Since 2003, Gambella has one constituent solo ruling party (GPUDM)  and government.  Recently the name has changed to Gambella Prosperity Party- ብልጽግና and for the first time this coming election 2020, GPUDM - Gambella Prosperity will face challenges from other parties.

EZMA - Gambella Citizens for Social Justice, the opposition or the competitor party which is built by many good intellectuals, true western world democratic ideologies with the beliefs of public interests first.

GPLM - The regional mother of all parties, a party that fought in Bush for people to have the freedom the Gambella's people enjoy today. A party that its love for the land and people is unquestionable. A party that sacrificed ultimate sacrifice for the region to have all it has today. (Gambella Media Network)