Heading to divorce court before marriage

September 16, 2016 (GMN) - In times when the ruling party (EPRDF), was proactively identifying areas of improvement to tackle corruption and lack of good governance, the extremists rise up to the occasion to retard that attempt.

One cannot help but to wonder and examine the motivation of their actions without prejudice. If we can blind fold ourselves and become ethnic neutral but truthful to justice and fairness-perhaps we will arrive in a sensible conclusions. 

As a result of the emotionally charged movement in the last few weeks, we have witnessed the merger of two extremely opposing views came together to display fake solidarity bound to fail. Those who strive to get power under the fake pretense of unity, hiding behind the old Ethiopian Flag, have marched with those who define that very flag as a symbol of historical injustice and bias. That is, precisely heading to divorce court before marriage. 

As an Ethiopian nothing makes me delighted than seeing my fellow Ethiopians come together to form unity to advance democracy, social justice and eradicate poverty which has being our identity worldwide for so long. However, this union is establish on a fundamentally fraud basis. When the motive to display unity becomes at the cost of innocent lives and destroy their properties, it is called premeditated disruption with the intention of robbing power. That is not a protest for real cause, rather it is a reverse definition of marching for injustice. 

For instance, in 2005 we welcome EPRDF’s move to the center to accommodate opposing political parties, such as Kinijit (the grandfather of Ginbot 7). Instead of respecting the peoples vote and accept the seats they have gained, they refused to serve and betray their own constituents. They chose to engage in a political turbulence to push innocent people to the front and move themselves to their safe heaven (Diaspora). Their philosophy of all or nothing is a prime example of greed and lack of political discipline. 

In 2016, when the world politics is moving as fast as an eye blink, they failed to update their software and still use the same application all over again. Einstein said, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expect different result." How many tries and loss of innocent lives does it take for the extremists to say it is time to realign their strategy? I rather be a high school graduate and learn from my mistakes than hold doctorate/PhD and be insane. 

Just in time when the government openly accepts negligence in all fronts it’s administration, which we are hopeful to take corrective steps, these extremists yet again failed to capitalize on this opportunity. They could have been part of the solution. As part of the young generation, I am disappointed and even ashamed to say they are my fellow Ethiopians. Please note these guys do not represent any Ethnic in Ethiopia, just somehow they are able to convince a small fraction of vulnerable people by creating intangible and false propaganda. 

After a vivid analysis of their symptoms, I am convinced they seem to suffer from an absence of pragmatism. And I highly prescribe, time to get a divorce from delusional practices and get acquainted with reality. Often times we fail to recognize our actions are a blue print for the next generations to follow. So it is only intelligent to realize the impact we leave behind. 

Let all of us address important issues which our children can benefit from. Let's utilize our constitutional rights to restructure government functions peacefully. I believe in demanding a responsible, legal (Se la Ma Wi Self), and morally binding changes. I am not proposing to stop protesting for a better Ethiopia. As a matter of fact, organizing an activism to make changes responsibly is central for our democracy. But we should be determine to deter and expose those who promote ethnic conflict and violence to get power. They have tried in 2005 and 2016 without success. I hope they will learn from their failed endeavor. Because the third time will not be a charm. My fellow Ethiopians, let us not live in the shadow of the extremists' poor judgment, let's choose to live in the light of our wisdom. The author can be reached @ Mafom@yahoo.com