Ghana enters the space race sending a satellite into orbit

GhspaceJuly 08, 2017(GMN) - Ghana has become the first Sub-Saharan African country to send a satellite into orbit around the earth.

Ghanasat-1 was released from the International Space Station on Friday nearly a month after its launch from the Kennedy Space Centre on Elon Musk's SpaceX flight 11.

Around 400 people burst into applause at the All Nations University in Koforidua,  when the satellite began its orbit.

Weighing 1,000 grammes, the Cubesat satellite represents the culmination of a two year project which has cost £40,000.

It is being used to monitor the country's coastline as well as helping Ghana enjoy the full benefits of satellite technology.

The satellite, which was built by students at the college is equipped with low and high-resolution cameras.

It is also fitted with a device which will make it possible to broadcast the country's national anthem and other independence songs from space.

Its progress is also being followed by the JAXA Tsukuba Space Centre in Japan.

Dr Richard Damoah, the product co-ordinator,  said it marked a new beginning for the country. "It has opened the door for us to do a lot of activities from space," he told the BBC.  (Telegraph Media)