Panic in Addis Ababa when Army March to PM's office for pay raise

October 10, 2018 (GMN) - Representatives of the members of the National Defense Force who marched to PM'S office located around the national palace today October 10, 2018, to discuss salary and benefit packages of the army has sent shock waves across Addis.

The residents of the city went on social media express their worry about what was unfolding in the government quarters since roads passing by the PM Office had stayed closed the whole afternoon.

Accordingly, the roads leading to the area were closed until five in the evening.

The members of the Defense Force reportedly discussed with PM Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D.) and Deputy PM Demeke Mekonnen in the presence of Foreign Affairs Minister Workneh Gebeyehu (Ph.D.) and they were promised that their voices will be heard.

In addition, the army representatives vowed to support the current wave of change in the country and vowed to contribute their part to the process.

In his statement to the state media, PM Abiy said that the primary demand of the army members was to meet him and discuss their concerns.

He also said that, dismissed any speculated of malicious intents and said that they just need an audience with the PM. (Reporter)