Gambella Community Development of Canada launches its website

October 08, Calgary, 2016 (GMN) - We explore,  google, web and now social media , thanks to advance technology in 21st century. All Gambella Community Society, especially, young millennium,  there is nothing impossible in this world if you put your mind to it.

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, dedication, determination with confidence to achieve an ultimate goals. The time has come to integrate Gambella society in to world community. For youth all out there, start pulling up your "Get Down" pants, be brave, focus, get education where ever you are and invest your knowledge, money and time  to your local community.

OUR MISSION:  “Gambella Community Development  promotes and supports successful integration and encourage full participation of its members in to the Canadian society.”

Gambella Community Development of Canada (G.C.D.C) is a registered Calgary, Canada - based non-profit organization since 2014.   We offers assessment information, referral, family relationships, assist children to reach their full potential and help elderly and sick community members to maintain their health.

OUR VISION:  “ All Gambella Community realize their responsibility, development and growth to become core values of local community."

Our Community mandate is to supports new immigrant who experience language barriers and development process by providing guidance and education on family violence prevention, parenting health and active participants in the local community and to facilitate  fully integrate in to Canadian society.

OUR CORE VALUES:  ”We believe in support choice, equality, fairness, integrity, respect, compassion, acceptance, privacy and responsiveness." 

For more information please visit our website @