Japan dontes $21.7m to humanitarian relief in Somali and Gambella regional states

Addis Ababa, April 01, 2016 (GMN) - The government of Japan Wednesday announced a $30 million assistance to Ethiopia to support refugees and drought affected people in different parts of the country.

Announcing the assistance, Japanese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Kazuhiro Suzuki said out of the total $30.1million, $21.7 million is meant to strengthen social stabilization, humanitarian relief and livelihood improvements for refugees in Somali and Gambella regional states.

The balance of $8.4 million is part Japan’s response to the current damage caused by the El-Nino induced drought in the country, Suzuki pointed out.

The diplomat said Japan remains serously concerned with the situation in Ethiopia which has been the most severely affected among sub-Saharan countries by the El-Nino.

Alongside its support to Ethiopia, the government of Japan has donated $38.5 million, $30.9 million and $19.8 million to Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan.

Signature : APA