Gambella Diaspora Condemn Violence Acts in Gambella People’s Regional State

January 29, 2016 (GMN) - On behalf of the Gambella Diaspora Association, we condemn the ongoing acts of violence in Gambella People’s Regional State of Ethiopia that started on January 20, 2016 between two individuals over the land plot ownership. We are in total shock and utter disgust at such a senseless act of violence. Our hearts go out to the families of the victims.


All violence is destructive and should be condemned. We strongly condemn this kind of acts and we glade the Gambella government is on the right tract of responding against those extremist who flame the violence. The incident started between two individual should not be escalated to public and very shameful for other innocent individuals to lost lives. Gambella people in Diaspora should speak out against this tragic event and condemn the use of violence by extremists. We believe that there is no sustainable development without living together in peaceful environment and this cannot be achieved without eliminating all forms of violence against all ethnicity. This is why the Gambellan in Diaspora are working hard to disseminate information at the core of the new Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP), including specific targets regarding the elimination of ethno-specific violence and harmful practices against each other.

Violence against innocent people is a criminal act. Any attempt to equivocate or avoid a clear statement denouncing those responsible will only empower these violent groups, encourage further destabilizing activities, and further inflame an already dangerous situation. We, therefore, call upon all Gambellan in Diaspora and the people in Gambella to join hand in hand for the better sustainable peace. We appreciate and support efforts made by civil society organizations, the Government of Gambella Regional State, and the Ethiopia federal Government for the steps they are taking to ensure that such unacceptable acts are stopped and need not to be repeated.

Instead of go to violence, Gambella Diaspora strongly believe in “Development go to Gambella” and “Gambella go to Development.”

Gambella Diaspora Association Executive Committee