David Yau Yau is alive, safe and sound: Source

Juba, January 25, 2016 (GMN) - General David Yau yau, the former chief administrator of the Greater Pibor Administrator Area (GPPA) has dismissed as “rumours” reports alleging he had been killed in the country’s capital, Juba.

Addressing reporters shortly after meeting President Salva Kiir and the governor for the newly created Boma state, Baba Maden, Yau Yau said the rumour was something not to be taken into considerations.

“I am not the only one to be alleged to have died. It is a common allegation that normally happens. For them, they want to threaten the security wise of the nation,” he said.

Since his failed bid in the 2010 general elections to represent Pibor county in South Sudan’s Jonglei state, Yau yau rose to a general within five years.

In May last year, however, Yau yau led the South Sudan’s Democratic Movement, cobra faction, which signed a peace deal President Salva Kiir’s government. He was consequently appointed the chief administrator for the GPAA, a position he held until President Salva Kiir created the 28 states in October. Pibor is part of Boma state.

Yauyau reportedly disappeared from public last week, leading to a series of speculations that he could have returned to bush to pursue his dream of becoming the first governor of Boma state, amidst the rising tension that engulfed Pibor and its surrounding areas since Medan’s appointment.

The former rebel leader claimed the new governor has been rejected by the people.

Sources say the dispute between Yau yau and Medan was being addressed by President Kiir, hosting several meetings of Pibor elders in recent weeks.

Yau yau also attended one of the meetings in Juba before he addressed reporters.

“Yau Yau is [a military] General of this country so the information [that he is dead] is just a propaganda created by the enemies of this country,” stressed Yau yau.

“We cannot really pay attention to such wild allegations" he added. (ST)