Ethiopian Diaspora in Minnesota Celebrated 24th Anniversary of May 28, Victory Day

Washington DC. June 16, 2015 (GMN) - News Release from the Ethiopian Embassy Washington DC. Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora domiciling in Minnesota State colorfully celebrated the 24th anniversary of Victory Day on June 14, 2015.

Ambassador Girma Birru, Special Envoy, Ambassador Extra-Ordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ethiopia to the US, Mexico and Jamaica addressed hundreds of a packed audience of Ethiopians. The Special Envoy apprised the congregation on the fruits of the Victory Day. I n this regard, Ambassador Girma cited Democracy, Development and peace as the kernel of the fruits of the Victory Day.

Referring to development, so far major economic and social activities undertaken by the government and results achieved to improve the lives of Ethiopian people have proven tremendously positive by all standards and he underscored that the development strides Ethiopia is undertaken have been corroborated by notable institutions like the World Bank and the IMF and the international media.

He pointed out that the GTP which is on the finishing line of the fifth year of its Five-year plan period has shown a promising end to bring about structural transformation to address the fundamental development challenges of the country. Speaking on the ongoing development activities, he described the government’s efforts in expanding infrastructure throughout the country with special emphasis on the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam which will mainly carry the lion's share of achieving the plan to generate 10 thousand Megawatts of electricity.

To realize this objective, the Ambassador noted that the government is working with resolve and revealed that billions of Birr worth of bond has already been purchased by the society which amply demonstrates that the Ethiopian people are determined to eventuate this huge project without the injection of an iota of fund from any external source.

The 24th anniversary of this year's victory day has been emblazoned by the 5th national and regional elections hailed by the world's major powers as peaceful which saw close to 35 million voters who cast their voices based on the true information they gathered during the media debate which was free and just, he added.

In a similar development the Special Envoy gave an audience to different groups from the Diaspora last Saturday afternoon. during the separate meetings he held Ambassador Girma discussed with the strong Ethiopian Somali community members on how to all the more strengthen their existing ties with the Embassy and the regional national government back home.

The Ambassador also gave separate directives on the development efforts by community members. The Special Envoy during the interactive meeting praised the community members for their initiative and commitment to actively engage in the national development by resolving to put their competencies, skills and fund into use to make a difference in all fields.

The groups expressed their readiness to inject their share in their area of competence in the on-going national socio-economic drive and requested the government to extend its support by expressing some of their concerns.

In yet another development, Ambassador Girma conducted another meeting with the with Ethiopian Diaspora investors wherein he explained the conducive atmosphere existing in Ethiopia and urged them to with stand any challenges they might encounter with patience and hard work.