GmTc: Medical Journal (Hemorrhoids)

Rochester, MN, June 04, 2015 (GMN) - One might heard of medical term called “hemorrhoids” or knows someone who is diagnosed and experience with but do not know the causes of it. In Ethiopia rural communities, people have no hope to find the treatments that cure the hemorrhoids; unlike other countries have varieties of treatments.

Am I vulnerable to Syphilis? Gambella Medical Journal

Rochester, MN, May 08, 2015 (GMN) - It seems like these days everyone can learn just about anything via social media but how important is to learn about the disease and organs that affected the most. Of course there is nothing better than knowing being healthy. There are many ways people can protect themselves from uncertainly diseases; especially Sexually Transmitted Infection (STIs). But how much does one know the transmission of STIs? Do not be surprised to know how syphilis is transmitted.